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Author Themes

There are thousands of wordpress themes in the market and of course html build themes, but one group of people have suffered with very little being offered to them.

Authors find it near impossible to get the right theme to promote their latest book and some of the themes in the book marketing niche are built by people who do not understand the publishing industry or of course how to market books. 

But We Do - Because Our Team Are Published Authors


That's right, we could not find any theme designs that really supported what we wanted, so we gathered the team and we decided to build our own library of Authors themes for our fellow authors and book marketers.

Fully Responsive

We have designed our themes to be responsive and look just as good on tablets and phones than on big screens.

How It Works: Simple & Easy Interface

We are making it easy for you to build your own book marketing websites with an easy drag and drop interface and custom theme panels. All focussed on book marketing.
Step 1
  • Head To Dashboard
Step 2
  • Apply Great Settings
Step 3
  • Drag & Drop Content
Step 4
  • Save All The Settings

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